A – Z Comprehensive Guide to Make Millions From Swisscoin

Written by Larry Frank

You might have heard of Swisscoin and until now you still have no clear understanding of what it’s all about. I have written this detailed article to enlighten you more on what Swisscoin is, how it works, and how you can make money from it and change your future. Remember why I started this blog is to help you grow your business and make money online.

What is Swisscoin?

Swisscoin is a Switzerland-based digital currency (cryptocurrency) company. If you know Bitcoin, you should have an idea of what crypto currencies are. But I won’t leave you unclear.

What is crypto currency?

“These are a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”

It’s good news to know that Swisscoin has already gained partnership with over 5000 German business partners, which entails a promising future for the baby cryptocurrency.

In 2009 the digital money invaded the exchange market, making a robust growth in the “then till now” leading cryptocurrency “Bitcoin”. Until now, Bitcoin has taken its stand as the worlds most used cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has recorded a huge growth since 2009 as it was trading at $0.02 and soon after, traded for over $1,000 in 2013. That’s huge success. Although it’s now being valued for about $800 per coin.

The quest for a more reliable digital currency company began when Bitcoin surfaced to have some snags, this led to the conception of a whole lots of crypto currency companies. The truth be told, “Almost all can’t stand Bitcoin and bitcoin continues to lead the market.” The conception of Swisscoin is a new phase of digital currency, and this is the best alternative to Bitcoin.

Let me quickly tell you a live story that will spice up your appetite to investing on Swisscoin.

In 2009, a Norwegian Kristoffer Koch got the news about Bitcoin just same way you are hearing of Swisscoin today. He then made a $27 worth of investment into it. Remember I said that the value of Bitcoin increased tremendously after 4 years. Yes, this man was a victim and he made $886,000 in 2013.

Let’s do some calculation based on current value.

If Kristoffers had left his coin till today.

Kristoffers $27 / Bitcoin 2009 value $0.02 = 1,350 Bitcoin

1350 Bitcoin x December 21st 2016 value $808.03 = $1,091,205

This is a whooping one million, ninety one thousand, two hundred and five US dollars. This is a just a summary of Kristoffers’ story, you can read details here if you still doubt.

I was pretty new to the internet in 2009, I really didn’t have the opportunity to gain from this scheme which made a lot of people millionaires way back then. I know that there are also a lot of people like me who wish that they had the opportunity to invest just like Kristoffer. You have no worries, as another opportunity door is open, and you alone will be responsible if you do not invest today and secure your future.

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You need financial freedom? You want to stop your 8hrs job and still foot your bills? You want a bigger future for yourself? Then Register with SwissCoin today. Take hold of this opportunity and you won’t regret tomorrow. Do not be left behind as the train waits for no one, join the smart team today and applaud yourself tomorrow.

Here I articulated a well detailed information on all you need to know about swisscoin. Do not wait, act now and smile with me to your bank.

On May 11th, 2016, SwissCoin was per-launched and mining of this coin began by June 4th, although the blockchain went live at conception, and this has made it more secured and reliable. As at conception, the coin was valued at €0.01 per coin and is supposed to grow above €10 by 2020. Sure, why won’t it? When a coin value has already climbed to €0.15 in just few months. This shows that our expectation won’t be cut short and the ever increasing member-base of miners makes it good to go.

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Why Does Cryptocurrency Value Go Up?

The amount of cryptocurrencies available and the desire of buyers or miners for it, is one factor regulating its price. Therefore cryptocurrency value is set by supply and demand. The more the desire and interest people show in mining and owning a coin, the higher value it becomes. Trust me, even you reading this article want to purchase Bitcoin.

This same principle was what led to the growth in value of Bitcoin over few years, from $0.02 to $808.3 today.

SwissCoin Educational Packages

The Switzerland-based digital currency (cryptocurrency) company “Swisscoin” have come up with a scheme to help grow the network and add value to the coin which will aid in global acceptance of the coin. To this effect, network marketing was adapted as part of the blueprint to success. Not a lot of us have an idea of what cryptocurrencies are, so Swisscoin has taken it to educate users on the general knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, how to take advantage of it and make huge gain from it.

You can earn real big from Swisscoin if you decide only to learn this business and teach others how they can earn from it, just same way I am doing now. It must not necessarily be on a blog post or online either, you can organize seminars and earn commission when people sign up and purchase educational packages.

The Swisscoin educational packages ranges from €25 to €15,000. These packages are forms of education scheme for members, it covers cryptocurrency and finance, and also an academy where you get to have a broad view of cryptocurrency and learn it’s trading as well. I goes further to educate users on blockchain technology, this is way too awesome and a must get if you really want to follow the trend of digital money.

If you purchase packs, you will be awarded tokens which you can use to generate Swisscoin after a split occurs.

For instance you purchase the €250 pack. We call this investment, so I will be using the proper terms. If you invest €250 on Swisscoin, you automatically will be awarded 2,500 tokens, all in your Swisscoin account and this will double once a split occurs and converted to 5000 coins.

What is Spit in Swisscoin?

A split in Swisscoin is simply a level of producing a limited amount of coins. Just immediately this amount is realized, the next split starts producing (mining) new coins. Every new split complicates the production of new coins, and surely, increment in the value of both the coin and tokens takes place.

This is the best time to mine Swisscoin as the value is very low. You can get a coin for as low as €0.15 as at the time of this post, and allow it grow with time. It is good you know that the value of one Swisscoin was initially €0.01 and in just few months has risen to €0.15 and we expect a minimum of €10 by 2020.

The difficulty rate for mining has increased from 1/1 to 4/1 meaning that initially, you get 1 coin per one token, but now you have to spend 4 tokens to get just one coin. That is huge success, you better hurry before you regret. In essence, 1000 tokens will give you 250 Swisscoins. It’s still early for you to invest now that it is just 4 tokens per coin, if you procrastinate, you might get serious when you need a whopping 20 tokens for just 1 coin and that’s heavy you know.

Swisscoin promises a bright future as it is assumed that by 2020, the value of one coin will grow above €10. Imagine you spend €250 to get 2,500 tokens, once the split occurs, your token doubles to 5000 and with this you get 1,250 coins to mine. If you mine this coin till the value of Swisscoin rises to €10, you now get Swisscoin worth 1250 multiplied by 10 which gives you €12,500 with just €250, no stress or work, your money just grows.

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SwissCoin International Money Transfer Technology

Swisscoin parades with a technology that enables you pay without involving any third party. This is in a way saying goodbye to charges from third parties. The feature is available to all and very fast in processing. This is a new banking opportunity that has opened Banking Avenue for over 2 billion unbanked people around the world, where they can access banking through their phones. 2 billion people is approximately 40 percent of the word’s growing population that do not bank.

Blockchain technology is powerful and also has been included to Swisscoin, this makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

How to Fund Your SwissCoin Account

There are variety of options to fund your Swisscoin account which you can use to purchase educational pack in order to receive tokens, ranging from Payza, Sepa, Swift, Bitcoin, and OkPay.

Like I said, this article is detailed to the fullest. If you encounter any problem while trying to fund your account, kindly contact me or preferably, lay your complains to Andreas Kartrud a Swisscoin representative, and he will be glad to help you out.

SwissCoin Compensations Plan – How to Make Additional Money with SwissCoin

There are typically two main ways to make money from SwissCoin:

Firstly, I told you how to invest and mine Swisscoin, here, I will be explaining how you can earn commissions by referring people to invest on Swisscoin.

Every Swisscoin user is entitled to a unique referral link which you can use to refer people to join and invest in Swisscoin. If you refer people to invest in Swisscoin via your referral link, you make some bucks from it. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Before we proceed, you need to be conversant with the word BV.

What is BV?

BV is an acronym for Business Volume. In Swisscoin it is the amount of tokens your team has purchased. Having a clear understanding of this, let’s proceed to making money from swisscoin.

Ways to Make Money From Swisscoin Compensation Plan

  • Direct bonus
  • Fast start bonus
  • Team bonus
  • Matching bonus
  • Diamond bonus pool
  • Rank bonus

Direct Bonus

You get 10% commission of accumulated BV in every direct sale of Swisscoin educational package you make. Where 1bv = 0.8 euro. Therefore, in every €1000 sale you make, you get if you sell a TRADER-1000 you will get 800BV accumulated, 10% of 800 equals 80 euro in commission)

No limit to how many personal referrals or sales.

From any direct sale of the educational packs, you will receive 10% of the BV (business volume/investments) in commission. There are no limits to how many people you can “sponsor” in with your unique referral link.

One BV is equivalent to €0.15

For instance, a direct sale of €1000 pack is equal to €800 because 1000 multiplied by 0.08 which is the value of BV is equal to €800. Remember you gain 10% for direct bonus.

Therefore 800 / 100 x 10 = 80 BV.

You get €80 which is 10% BV for every €1000 pack sold directly under you.

Fast Start Bonus

For those who are able to accumulated minimum of 5000BV in personal sales within their first 30 days of joining Swisscoin, you get an additional 10% to your commission, this will double your earning and surely make you smile, so evangelize more.

Team bonus

Team bonus is given on all sales done by team down to infinity, though depending on accumulated team BV, it ranges from 2% – 22%.  To qualify, you must purchase the 50euros pack and have five direct sponsors which purchased the 25euros. See details below:

1000bv = 2% of all team sales

5000bv = 4% of all team sales

10,000bv = 6% of all team sales

25,000bv = 8% of all team sales

50,000bv = 10% of all team sales

100,000bv = 12% of all team sales

250,000bv = 14% of all team sales

500,000bv = 16% of all team sales

1,000,000bv = 18% of all team sales

5,000,000bv = 20% of all team sales

10,000,000bv = 22% of all team sales

Matching bonus

The company matches you with what percentage every person in your 1st – 11th generation gives as commission to you. To qualify you need to purchase the 250euro pack, and have five direct sponsors which purchased the 50euros pack each. See details below:

5% matching bonus from every person in your first generation

10% matching bonus from every person in your second generation

15% matching bonus from every person in your third generation

20% matching bonus from every person in your fourth generation

15% matching bonus from every person in your fifth generation

10% matching bonus from every person in your sixth generation

5% matching bonus from every person in your seventh generation

4% matching bonus from every person in your eight generation

3% matching bonus from every person in your ninth generation

2% matching bonus from every person in your tenth generation

1% matching bonus from every person in your eleventh generation

Diamond bonus pool

Every member that has reached the Diamond rank and above is entitled to the diamond bonus pool, where you receive 1-7 share of the 1% of all sales made of Swisscoin, depending on your rank. This means you will be among those sharing 1% of the companies BV which is worth over 1 million euros which is paid twice a year. This is huge success.

Rank bonus

Every rank attained on Swisscoin gives you some bonus. Below I will list the ranks and bonuses that come alone with them, alongside how to qualify for these ranks.

Swisscoin Career Opportunity, Rank Bonuses and How to Qualify

A lot of exiting ranks are awarded members on Swisscoin. It’s good news to know that each of these ranks comes with some goodies to make you smile. I will list the whole ranks below, tell you their bonuses and let you know how to get there.


Requirements: Sponsor two Swisscoin user alongside a cumulative BV of 1000.

Bonus: PIN and Urkunde.


Requirements: Sponsor two JADE alongside a cumulative BV of 5000.

Bonus: €100, PIN and Urkunde.


Requirements: Sponsor three JADE alongside a cumulative BV of 10000.

Bonus: €250, PIN and Urkunde.


Requirements: Sponsor two PEARL alongside a cumulative BV of 25000.

Bonus: €500, PIN and Urkunde.


Requirements: Sponsor two SAPPHIRE alongside a cumulative BV of 50000.

Bonus: €1000, PIN and Urkunde.

Diamond Pool:

These are those that enjoy the 1%-7% of worldwide sales on Swisscoin. Continue reading for more details.


Requirements: Sponsor one RUBY and one SAPPHIRE, alongside a cumulative BV of 100000.

Bonus: €2000, PIN and Urkunde. In addition to 1% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

Blue Diamond 

Requirements: Sponsor one ELMERALD and one DIAMOND, alongside a cumulative BV of 250000.

Bonus: €5000, PIN and Urkunde. In addition to 2% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

Green Diamond 

Requirements: Sponsor two DIAMOND alongside a cumulative BV of 500000.

Bonus: €10000, PIN and Urkunde exclusive. In addition to 3% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

Purple Diamond 

Requirements: Sponsor three DIAMONDs alongside a cumulative BV of 1000000.

Bonus: €20000, PIN and Urkunde exclusive. In addition to 4% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

Red Diamond 

Requirements: Sponsor five DIAMONDs alongside a cumulative BV of 5000000.

Bonus: €100,000, PIN and Urkunde exclusive. In addition to 5% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

Black Diamond

Requirements: Sponsor ten DIAMONDs alongside a cumulative BV of 10000000.

Bonus: €200,000, PIN and Urkunde exclusive. In addition to 6% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

Double Black Diamond 

Requirements: Sponsor twenty DIAMONDs alongside a cumulative BV of 50000000.

Bonus: €1400000, PIN and Urkunde exclusive. In addition to 7% of all sales done by the company worldwide.

You can also see the image below for more information, though the information here is accurate.

How can I Withdraw Commissions Bonuses

If you have already earned yourself some commission, either by direct, fast start, team, matching, or rank bonus, you might be a little skeptical of how you can withdraw our commission. There are various ways to do this which I will list below.

  • You can cash-out to bank account
  • Withdrawing via SwissCoin MasterCard. This feature will be available come September 2017
  • Using our fund to reinvest into Swisscoin by purchasing more tokens which will later become coin.
  • You can sell them to other Swisscoin users who are interested in investing on Swisscoin

Note: Any bonus received is shared into two. 40% of your bonus goes into your trading account. Ou are not allowed to sale or withdraw your funds in trading account, you can only use them to purchase more tokens. While 60% goes to your cash account. All the fund in your cash account are withdrawable with any of the above listed options.

How Do I Join SwissCoin?

I have said a lot on this article about Swisscoin. If you are yet to believe that Swisscoin is the next big thing, then I wonder how you will feel when others will be rejoicing for a little risk they took few years back. I always tell my blog readers “work smart” this is a time to work smart, liberate yourself from poverty and secure your future. For the purpose of Network Marketing, you are forced to register under a sponsor. What are you waiting for? Why not hit the registration button below and register via my referral link.

Please once you register, let me know using the contact page. I recommend you complete your profile immediately after registration to avoid suspension of your earning.

If you seem to be lost on the website, simply follow the picture below to help you register and fill your basic data.

Click on the link which the arrow points to and follow instructions.

Download Swisscoin New User Manual

Here is a comprehensive guide to using Swisscoin like a pro. This eBook got all you are looking for. Simple share this post with any of the below share buttons to generate your download link.

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Video Section

The below videos will broaden your knowledge of Swisscoin, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and the whole idea behind Swisscoin. For more related videos check this Youtube Channel

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Introduction to Swisscoin


There are a lot of reasons to consider Swisscoin, and if today you skip this opportunity, you will have yourself to blame. Recently Bitcoin being the biggest cryptocurrency mention Swisscoin as a cryptocurrency with a promising future, you can read that on Bitcoins official blog here. If for any reason, Bitcoin mentions Swisscoin, then there is a high tendency that Swisscoin it a bomb. Why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity which I am introducing you to.

Anywhere you have questions, please do let me know using the comment box below, and I will be glad to answer you. Please also share this article to your friends, it surely will be of help to them.

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