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Written by Larry Frank

Hello and welcome to www.larryfranky.com, this is my personal blog. I have been blogging for 5 years now, though I’ve been on the internet for about 7 years. This means, I have experience a lot both from blogging and other internet businesses. I can still remember my early days of blogging when blogging used to be a win-win situation for everyone as ranking your blog on search engines and driving traffic to your blogs wasn’t something to work so hard for. As a newbie in the blogosphere, I had no much idea of what SEO was, but I was able to rank my blog on first page for the keyword “Free Browsing Cheat”. So you might be asking why ranking your blog is now difficult. Let me give you a quick answer to this question. The competition is now high. Every day thousands of blogs are being created in your niche, this means you get new competitors on daily bases and this makes blogging to be termed “survival- of the fittest”


Before I tell you why I started my personal blog, I will like to let you know some areas which blogging has influenced me.

Communication Skill

The ability to read and write are important factors when we talk of communicating, although there are other factors, but these two are very vital. While blogging I learnt to be a good writer and also a reader, searching for information on the internet and also writing tutorial and my experiences. I can say, five years of writing is worth my professionalism.


I now have the urge to think deeper before executing any action. Blogging is mainly about writing and we know that the process of writing includes recording our thoughts and that’s exactly what blogging is all about. Blogging has made me think and re-think before I make a move.

Purposeful Life

Blogging has broadened my view of life beyond what it used to be some years back. The fact that I have to think before executing any action also affects my personal life thereby making me think more of my life, where I want to be, and set goals aside. This is a step to a purposeful life.


Meeting new people is so fun and blogging puts me out there to meet new people every day. I’ve made a whole lot of friends around the world, and the whole credit goes to blogging. In case you don’t know, this has led to huge opportunities, encouragements, and help from a lot of them.

I’m an Inspiration

A lot of my readers have learnt a thing or the other from me, I have written articles that changed the lives of some people. When they come with testimonies, I am so glad that I inspired a life. The feeling that I am an inspiration to some lives out there is one best thing that has happened to my life and the whole credit also goes to blogging.


I have written my own opinion on products and many more things. I now have confidence writing my views since I know that there are people waiting to read my articles. There’s no more fear of, “will my opinion be right?”.


With my huge fan base, I am now able to sell product, services and even more, both from my blog and on the social network. Blogging opened me to many things and Internet Marketing is one as I can now call myself an internet Marketer.


Along the journey, blogging has put some bucks in my pocket, far-far more than you can think. I make a living from blogging, and I it’s able to foot my bills. What else do I need a job for when my passion can foot my bills? This is a once chanced bus I’m glad I never missed.

Knowing all these, I have decided to create a blog, my personal repository rather. Here, I will be sharing with you guys some beneficial tips to grow your online business. I will also share some secrete tools which I use on this blog to my readers, so why not visit us every day?

Here are some reasons why I created a personal blog.

My Experience

Many newbies today meet challenges, and if I have come across such issue, I will write on it and reading my experience might be of help to such person. Trust me there is a lot to learn from my experience.

Sharing my Ideas

Like I said, this is my personal repository where I share my ideas and experience. So I share ideas on products and tools I have used, and tricks and tweaks to grow your business.

Providing Help

Here, I will be of help to any of my reader who is having issues in aspect. I will make sure I try as much as I can to be around when I ought to.

I think these three above cover every other area I would have wanted to include. Come let’s work together and build a successful business together.

In case you do not know me, the little bio below describes the perfect me.

About Larry Frank
I am a Blogger, Web Designer, Writer, Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer, Online Coach, Entrepreneur, Positive Thinker.
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By now I assume you know the whole idea of starting my personal blog, you should feel free to come around at any time.

Thanks for visiting and do have a wonderful day ahead.

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Larry Frank

Hey, I'm Larry Frank,
Nigerian bases internet marketer, blogger, and yes, I trust in cryptocurrency.
Feel free to tour around my blog for informative piece cos I got a lot here.

In case you don't know, I'm a music lover. :)


  • Hi Larry

    Wow! you have tons of experience so I know that you will make a difference. It is great that you have a personal blog. Thumbs up and looking forward to your awesome posts. Take Care

  • am so happy to have ur honesty and clarity of purpose written all over you through ur blog, am not just seeing you as a success alone, am seeing both the energy, sleepless nights, study and so many too numerous to mention that have lead to ur putting dis heart blowing blog to reality, i appreciate ur hard work, i wish u a persistent sustainance to keeping the website always alive.

  • Larry, Congrats. See you have gathered enough courage to build your brand website. Well, far back in the days, you might have landed on my website and I on yours. No, no no… Hope you not thinking of something weird? Well, we were both competing for the same keyword you posted here. Glad to see you shining now. I have also created a similar blog prior to this time to share my years of experience too. Still working on it underground. But… Tell me, how does it sounds sharing your experiences with others? To me, I always have these rush feelings of fulfillment gushing out like a busted water tap. I pray you go great. You have got a loyal sub here now. Have a blessed week ahead.

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