About Larry Frank

Larry Frank, is a blockchain expert, digital marketer, freelancer and content creator, the manager of the “larryfranky team”, a professional freelance organization geared specifically towards adopting care for crypto/blockchain-based projects from it’s inception to its profit accumulation phase.

I work with a team of creative writers, graphics designers, web designers, resource persons, developers and other skilled professionals, to attain the set goals of the organisation.

We (Larryfranky Team) house an elite group of experienced post-production professional that ensures that all our projects have a high turn out ratio, thus, almost eradicating the possibility of ending up with a failed project.

We have handled dozens of projects with our tested success strategies for handling specific project designs. We have carried out researches within several industries, and can now categorically state that we have the fundamental principles for market placements and advertisement that can ensure the success of whatever blockchain project we manage.

We have been operating for the past 5 years, thus, trusting us with our acquired experiences is one thing that can ensure the certainty of your project’s success.

I hope to work with you soon. Be certain to read through our various services offered in the services section, and feel free to contact us on any of our available platforms with your project specifics.